Setup raspberry pi with ssh and node.js

November 30, 2013

In the following step by step guide i will show you how you can connect with ssh
to your raspberry pi and setup node.js for a basic usage. In the links below you will find some
tutorials to create a

First make sure ssh is installed and ready:

Install vim or use vi or whatever you prefer to edit code

then you have to edit your “/etc/ssh/ssh_config” file

edit the following lines:




save the file and restart the ssh service on your pi

now you should be able to connect from your pc to your pi over ssh

check the ip address of your pi by typing on the console of your pi

use the right ip adress an connect from your pc with putty on windows or on your *nix terminal via:

Depending on what kind of stuff you want to run, you have to take care to your node.js version.
For example if you want to do some sound stuff with the node module lame and the speaker package you have
to take one of the newer versions.
But for example if you want to use the digital input pins you can use the module gpio but for this one you have to use package 0.8.x for now.

The most flexible way will be to use nvm the node version manager which you can find on github

Or you can easily install node.js via package manager (default version is 0.6.x which is pretty old):

And you can also find some ways to install node.js via package manager with newer versions here.

And here are some further links which could be interesting for you: